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Norhern Promotions Artists Profiles

Northern Promotion's Artist Profile - Mary PettisMary Pettis

Mary Pettis was born and raised in the upper Midwest, where she grew to love nature, and discovered she could share her feelings through her art.

"I am certain that the strongest influence on my work has been my good fortune to be born a farmer's daughter. I grew up touched by the seasons, haying, hunting, trapping and studying reflections from the boat when the fish weren.t biting. As an artist, I seek to share the stories, moments and moods of nature which move me."

For Mary, painting is much like poetry; some pictures require long highly detailed formal verse, and others are a simple statement with more emphasis on breadth and a single impression. In either case, she is a compelling storyteller, whether she is recording a specific scene, or simply using the subject to express and evoke poetic moods or feelings.

She says "After painting for 25 years, I feel I'm just beginning to speak the language. With the help of the Good Lord, I can now begin to focus on what it is I want to say."

Mary Pettis' formal art training includes study at Mankato State University, BFA from the College of S. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN, research abroad and a full time three-year apprenticeship in a classical atelier.

Mary's work is in private and corporate collections around the globe, including the Minnesota state capitol, Senate offices in Washington D.C. and the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Arts.

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Northern Promotion's Artist Profile - Terry DoughtyTerry Doughty

Terry, a self-taught artist who entered the wildlife art field 16 years ago after a hiatus from art for 18 years, finds his work an endless inspiration.

"Every once in a while, you put out a really spectacular piece where everything comes together. But an artist is the same as a musician, he never stops learning! Always learning some little brush stoke or use of light that will make your next painting easier to do. It.s a learning process that keeps going; its never-ending."

Terry lives his art. An avid fisherman and hunter, he does not separate the outdoor experience from his work. Instead, he continues the experience on canvas.

"If I'm out fishing and catch a bluegill, I'll sit and hold the bluegill in my hand looking at the colors in it. If I see ducks coming in, I'll remember what color the water is, how the light hits the side of the hill. When I'm out hunting, I always have my camera with me. I'll see the trees when the sun is going down and the glow is coming off the trees and take a picture of it. When the photos come back, it's not just a group of trees, but I'm looking at something different. I'm looking at the light."

Color and light are central to Doughty's award-winning paintings, but equally evident are the sense of proportion and naturalness with which he approaches his subject. He applies his concern for authenticity to his animal subjects as well. Experience as a taxidermist taught him attention to musculature and skeletal detail. He turns to references like full-mount deer manikins, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Milwaukee County Zoo, a Collection of zoological books, and an accumulation of photos and sketches to ensure the accuracy of his subject's stance and movement.

As an avid fisherman, hunter, and outdoorsman, Terry has maintained a lifelong commitment to wildlife and preservation of their habitat. As a strong supporter of conservation groups, Terry has received many honors attesting to the quality of his work.

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Northern Promotion's Artist Profile - Cynthie FisherCynthie Fisher

Cynthie Fisher of Hamilton, Montana, works mostly in acrylic and scratchboard, making good use of her degree in zoology by concentrating on animal behaviors and interactions. A self-taught artist, Cynthie has painted professionally for 14 years, accumulating many awards along the way to national recognition. These awards include the 1988 Ohio Duck Stamp, 1991 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Artist of the Quarter, 1992, 1994, 1995, and 1996 Washington Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year, 1993 Alaska Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year, 1995 Iowa Duck Stamp Winner, 1995 Alaska Duck Stamp Winner, 1995 Colorado Duck Stamp Winner, and Top Ten in the Federal Duck Stamp Contest three out of four years, including a tie for first place in 1990. She is one of the 1996 and 1997 Ducks Unlimited National Flyway Artist, the first woman to be chosen for this nationwide award. Cynthie's artwork has graced the cover of Cabela's sporting catalog. She is also a member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists, and exhibits her work in the national art shows nationwide every year.

Aside from painting, Cynthie spends as much time as she can in the field. She has traveled all throughout the U.S. and Alaska, as well as parts of Central America, Europe, and Africa, acquiring reference for her paintings. She is an avid birdwatcher and sportsperson, enjoying the challenges of big game and bird hunting. Her yellow lab "Tucker" often accompanies her on these outings, which along with the Lord's help and support, serve to inspire and encourage Cynthie's never-ending love for animals and the intricate, fascinating lives they lead.

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Northern Promotion's Artist Profile - Brian Kuether Brian Kuether

Deeply inspired by the serenity of rural life and the natural world, Brian Kuether began painting native Wisconsin scenes early in life. He graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 1985. His award-winning paintings have been displayed in many prestigious galleries and shows throughout the country. His work includes wildlife art, portraits, murals and illustrations. He and his wife reside in Greenfield, Wisconsin with their two children.

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Northern Promotion's Artist Profile - Derk HansenDerk Hansen

He has more then 150 limited edition lithographs and collector prints plus over fifty limited edition collector plates to his credit. There are also scores of incentive and special commission art products on the market bearing his name. Thousands of collectors worldwide enjoy his work. Admirers and peers alike are always looking forward to the new projects that emanate from Derk's Saddle Tramp Studio. Derk has managed to stay as elusive to the public, as some of the wildlife he so beautifully represents in his work.

If you are looking for him, you will not find this artist in the main stream of the art world. A cattle drive, working horses in the round pen or hanging out with his cowboy friends playing his guitar, is more his style. One day he might be in Africa on safari doing fieldwork for new paintings or you might find him working on a documentary video in the rugged mountains of New Zealand. Then again, you could find him studying bald eagles off the wilds of Alaska or researching for a humpback whale painting off the island of Hawaii.

For over twenty years Derk joined his buddies as a stunt man and actor as they re-enact the defeat of the notorious Jesse James gang in Northfield, Minnesota. Here, Derk has left his mark by creating a seven-piece set of pencil drawings depicting this historic event of 1876. Maybe you spotted him as one of the wranglers in the Great American Cattle Drive of 1995 from Fort Worth, Texas to Miles City, Montana or bumped into him on Kodiak Island in The Golf of Alaska preparing material for a bear painting. Back home you might find Derk at one of the major art shows where he has been recognized for his impressive work. Whatever the circumstances of his appearance might be, take a good look, for he won't be there for long. He'll be off on some new adventure, looking for subjects and places to paint. Derk is an adventurer and a dreamer, managing to do for a living what most of us can only fantasize about. He shares his experiences with us through his artwork, so vividly, that we feel that we are there too.

This is a rare opportunity for you to start your own collection of Derk Hansen's artwork. His talent will bring you pleasure for years to come.

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Northern Promotion's Artist Profile - Dan HatalaDan Hatala

Dan has been a lifelong resident of Iowa, born in Fort Madison. Dan's career in art began in the mid 70's as an art director and designer in a Midwestern agency. From there he moved to an illustration studio in Waterloo where he worked as a senior illustrator for clients across the United States such as: Coors, Budweiser, Pizza Hut, U.S. Postal Service, Danbury Mint, John Deere, and Viacom.

In 1998, Dan started working with Apple Creek Publishing producing open and limited edition prints. At the same time, Dan had the honor of being selected as an artist for the United States Air Force which has allowed him to travel worldwide. This has also gained him the privilege of having his artwork hanging in the halls of the Pentagon.

For the last ten years, Dan has been a freelance illustrator working out of his home studio in Waverly, IA, where he lives with his wife and two children.

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